Lucas Sene Ingueza

Lucas Sene

    Hello, my name is Lucas and I’m a student in a second year at European Business School. I’m not specialize in a lot of courses but I manage. My goal is first of all to built a company about commercial exchange in Gabon, Africa and why not in many others countries. I love a lot of things like music, when I got some spare time I create some beats on my computer. I also like hangout and some team sport like soccer with my friends.


        After my 5 years at European Business School, I hope be able to take some great decision about the compagny that I want to build. Why in Africa ? Because we know that some direct investment abroad are more and more in Africa because it is profitable to the level of the economic costs.

        My interests:

        • History
        • Sport
        • Music
        • Health
        • Finance

        My Inseec Classes:

        • Coding
        • Digital marketing
        • English
        • Bae area
        • Learn about startup

        I hope that after this digital expedition in San Francisco I will have solid bases in coding and in digital marketing.

        Lucas Sene Ingueza

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